Space Rental

Space Rental

Several examples worldwide have shown the profound and wide-ranging impacts that place-based arts initiatives can have on the social, cultural, and economic life of communities, addressing issues such as discrimination, social inequity, or crime. EAST YARD is following this template and was so created to serve as a creative community centre, sharing our spaces for the benefit of the community as a whole.


Traditional venues certainly have their time and place, but sometimes the notion for something totally out of the norm grabs you, and such a setting is especially great for those who want their event to be memorable. 

Transformed from an unused backyard and small indoor space, EAST YARD is set to be the central hub of East Trinidad's cultural scene just a few months after its inception. EAST YARD is a unique urban oasis, hidden away in the heart of Arima with the capabilities to host a wide range of events from private dinner and lunch parties, live music performances, film screenings, photo shoots, book launches and readings, pop-up shops, seminars, meet-ups and talks.


The most exciting part though? Well, a portion of proceeds goes back into our youth in arts social impact project which uses practical visual and performance art education to address issues of gender based violence and bullying at the community level.


As low as $60 an hour based on type of function, number of attendees and space requirements. 


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